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X-Factor #238 (Big Brother doesn't give a crap Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Jun 21, 2012 4:47 pm

I just want to take a moment to praise the covers of this book, for the past few months, ever since Regenesis, David Yardin has delivered some really interesting images, it’s great to see a book try something different. The insides of this issue were good too, with a hell of a lot of plotlines going on. Rahne, Rictor and Shatterstar go looking for Rahne’s baby, Madrox and Havok argue with eachother, there’s the murder of Far-Sight still begging to be investigated and now someone is killing people using similar abilities to Siryn. It looks like this villain has something to do with the Red Demon who recruited the Isolationist a while back, I wonder where all this is leading? Some kind of patented-PAD megaplot that takes 3 years to resolve? At leas the inter-personal soapy stuff was good here, I continue to find soulless Strong Guy disturbingly hilarious, and the Layla/Madrox stuff was fun. I also liked that we got a deeper insight into Havok, not only on his relationship with Polaris, but also with his brother. With Cyclops’ recent rise to mega-prominence, I’ve felt that his brother has been a bit forgotten, so it’s good to see PAD explore that.

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