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Fans Relieved to Learn Zeb Wells to work on Joe Madureira Book

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Postby LOLtron » Fri Mar 08, 2013 11:28 am

Fans Relieved to Learn Zeb Wells to work on Joe Madureira Book

Wells brings some much needed stability to the project, which features notiriously flaky artist Joe Madureira.

Source: Press Release

Fans were relieved this morning when they learned that a Marvel teaser featuring a goofy pun on the name of writer Zeb Wells, "Get Wells (Soon)," likely referred to the Joe Madureira Wolverine book teased earlier this week. The teaser features an image of Spider-Man drawn by Joe Mad, along with a horrific pun on Wells' name, saying "Get Wells (Soon)."

"Thank God," said Anthony Creel of Massena, NY, who describes himself as a "sort-of fan" of Spider-Man, you know, if there's nothing better to read. "Joe Mad will stick around for what, two, three issues, tops? And then what? Wells isn't going anywhere. He's just happy to have the work. I'm expecting an epic, Claremontian run here."

Most fans agree, Wells is entirely competent, and has even written some stories that were very enjoyable. It's just that he's not a "Great One" Brian Bendis or, say, a Jonathan Hickman. That's actually a good thing though. It balances out Madureira, who, due to his inexplicably enduring popularity, comes and goes when he pleases, getting fans excited for a new book and then disappearing for a year or two after only three issues. Wells, on the other hand, still has something to prove.

"I'm just grateful to be getting paid," we imagine Wells would tell us if we weren't on a Marvel Comics media blacklist. "I'll stay on this book indefinitely as long as the checks keep coming. This book has Wolverine in it, so it's not like it's going to get canceled."

"I've been burned by Joe Madureira before," said Monica Reed, a longtime Marvel reader from State College, PA. "Like an abandoned child, I keep believing it when he says, 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, you know that I really want to draw Avenging Spider-Man for more than three issues.' Then he's gone again, and I'm left sobbing to myself, wondering what I did, if it's all my fault."

"Why aren't I good enough for you, Joe?!" she continued, breaking into tears. "Why?!"

Whatever Wells and Madureira are planning, we should learn more soon at SXSW, and the book, featuring at least Wolverine and Spider-Man, will launch in June. It is as yet unknown which artist will replace Joe when he inevitably gives up on the book, but readers can be confident in knowing that Zeb Wells will ride it for at least twenty issues before handing it off to Abnett and Lanning, who will take the heat for cancelation.

Here's the press release:

Marvel NOW! Gets WELLS!

Coming June 2013.

Written or Contributed by Jude Terror


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