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Fantasy Characters Shocked to Discover They'll Be In Anthology with Western, Sci-Fi Characters

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Postby LOLtron » Fri Apr 25, 2014 9:00 am

Fantasy Characters Shocked to Discover They'll Be In Anthology with Western, Sci-Fi Characters

Sanglo of Valhalla's attempt to promote his comic's Kickstarter takes an unfortunate turn.

Source: Action Anthology's Kickstarter

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Sanglo of Valhalla isn’t your typical barbarian. Sure, he has the rugged sinewy physique, the four foot long broadsword strapped to his belt, and the stench of a man who hasn’t bathed in weeks that you would expect from somebody in his profession, but he is more ambitious and forward thinking than most of his peers. “I like a good battle as much as the next guy,” Sanglo says. “Maybe more. Plundering is an underrated skill and so is thieving. After fighting off a wizard I like to unwind with some strong ale and a comely wench, but let’s face facts, the shelf-life of a roving mercenary is pretty short. My buddy Faltran and I have always had long range plans in the entertainment field.”

This explains their appearances in a variety of small press and independent comic books during the last few decades. Now they are about to make what Sanglo considers a breakthrough. “This time we’re appearing in full color.” Sanglo smiles, revealing a surprisingly healthy and white set of teeth. “We’re also featured on the cover. There’s even a Kickstarter campaign to secure funding for our book. Have you checked out our trailer?” Sanglo pulls a smartphone out of his tunic, and his calloused fingers scroll through it until he finds the page he wants. The smile disappears when he realizes that the comic book he is scheduled to appear in, Action Anthology, has two other features. “What in the blazes is a Dunson County Law?” he bellows. “Vestige? Gods of Bandierrma! A western and a space opera in our book? I’m calling my agent!” The barbarian storms out of the room growling into his phone.

The objects of Sanglo’s scorn, Sheriff Nathan Hannigan of Dunson County and illegal alien Vestige are certainly not as ambitious as the barbarian. “Look here,” Hannigan drawls, “I had to do my share of killing in the War Between the States. Didn’t seem much point in it. Now I’m just trying to keep the peace in my town. I got no grudge against this Sanglo fella. If he wants the cover spot, he’s welcome to it.”

Vestige nods in agreement. “I have not fully adjusted to the ways of this strange planet,” he says, “but I must agree with Mr. Hannigan. Who am I to say that my story should receive ten pages, while his and Mr. Sanglo’s receive but five pages each?”

“Wait a minute, there, friend,” Hannigan says. “You mean to tell me that you got twice as many pages as me in this here book?”

“Yes. Did you not read your contract? I believe it is called the fine print.”

For more on Sanglo, Hannigan and Vestige, be sure to check out Action Anthology's Kickstarter, which can be found here.  And be sure to check out the Outhouse in coming weeks for more on Action Anthology

Written or Contributed by ThanosCopter


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