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Draco x


Postby Draco x » Thu Dec 06, 2012 10:25 pm

Sakie wrote:
The biggest problem that I see with the books and characters that simply are not working, is that there is a reason why these characters worked in the first place and DC fundamentally changed that when they reintroduced them in the DCnU. I look at it this way: I like Superman and I have bought Superman comic books in the past. Just because I like the character and bought Superman books in the past doesn't mean that I had any interest in characters like Supreme, Mr. Majestic, and/or Gladiator. Yes, they are different characters than Superman but they are also very similar. The way that I see Superman now, is a version that would exist if DC lost the copyright to the character and he slipped into the realm of public domain. We are getting a similar character, with a similar supporting cast but not enough of the events of his history to make the character feel familiar and that is what I want when I read about the Man of Steel.

Eventually sales on all of the DCnU books will begin to fall below "acceptable" levels, DC will bring in "new" creative teams to stop the loss in sales, and they will come up with a plan to bring back the old continuity in some form. Hey, if Marvel can have the Ultimate universe and a single on-going title set in the Age of Apocalypse universe, then it isn't hard to imagine that somebody will eventually want to start writing on-going stories from the DCU and DC will allow them to do this because the demand will be large enough for them to view it as profitable. Until then, the money that I save each week from the DC titles that I no longer buy can be devoted towards some of the better Marvel NOW! titles as well as branching out into more of the indy comic book market.

Well there is a backdoor present due to that Pandora character who is hinted at being partially responsible for the New 52 so who knows how that may play out. The problem is that as long as that Didio is in charge there are no guarantees.

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