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Gambit #13 (You make 'em sound like cheap gimmicks Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sun Jun 02, 2013 11:24 am

One of the best things about this Gambit series has been the sense of momentum, that one thing has lead to the next thing and Gambit hasn’t had a chance to stop. He steps out for one little robbery in #1 and since then it’s been a crazy rollercoaster. This issue continues that as Gambit has to rush to save his friend Fence, who was left for dead by Tombstone in the last issue. But it’s not a simple job, because Fence is mostly machinery, Gambit can’t just take him hospital, he has to steal some tech, and who better to steal from that Tony Stark? The other best thing about this series has been that Gambit has mostly been outside of the X-Men milieu, interacting with characters and concepts from the wider Marvel Universe such as the aforementioned Tombstone and MI:13 and now Iron Man.

Although of course, Iron Man is off in space, so it’s War Machine/Iron Patriot (I’ll just call him Rhodey) who Remy runs afoul of. This was your standard guest-appearance really, Gambit and Rhodey initially fight, but then realise they are on the same team, and save Fence. It was raised above just being standard by James Asmus’ strong, funny dialogue, from all the characters, even Pepper Potts! I’m really like Asmus’ sense of humour, and I can’t wait to see more of it in Quantum & Woody.

The art for this issue comes from Amilcar Pinna, who I’m not familiar with, but he does a solid enough job. It does look as though the colourist made a mistake though, Rhodey is drawn in what looks like the Iron Patriot costume, with a star on it and everything, yet coloured grey, like War Machine. I’m not reading Secret Avengers, so is this part of the costume, or is it a fuck-up? It’s not a big deal though really.

As I said though, this book is all about momentum, even though Fence is saved, it’s all leading to something else. Fence seems to have played Gambit and has used him to gain some sort of intel for a mysterious figure. Who is it? Who knows! It’s a real shame that this book has been cancelled with #17, but when it’s all over, we’ll have one big epic story made up of smaller ones, and that’s what I want, a cohesive whole.

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