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Generation Hope #16 (Spayed or neutered Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Feb 17, 2012 1:12 pm

It’s a shame this series is coming to an end after the next issue, but it certainly is going out with a bang. In this issue pretty much everyone turns against Hope. From Kenji to Random to Emma Frost, they all betray our (Mutant) Messiah! It’s interesting to see someone tackle the more religious aspects to the idea of a Mutant Messiah, will Hope actually die for our sins? Is this what leads to her being reborn as the Phoenix and therefore causes Avengers Vs. X-Men? Hmmm. But this issue isn’t all betrayal, Asmus finds some room for some quieter character moments such as the really rather sweet kiss between Pixie and Gabriel, or the disagreements amongst the Stepford Cuckoos. And in amongst all that there’s still the matter of Sebastian Shaw and whether or not he’s evil! I think this issue had some subtle hints that he’s not telling the whole truth, but what do I know? Takeshi Miyazawa handles the artwork for this one, and he does a good job, he’s always been a great fit for teen superheroes, going back to Runaways, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane and more, his anime-ish style really fits younger characters.

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