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Generation Hope #17 (The inevitability of spandex Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:02 pm

And so Generation Hope comes to an end, but this is not the end of Hope’s story. As with this week’s issue of Uncanny, the spectre of AvX hangs over this issue, and of course, it ends with a shot of the Phoenix. The actual ending was very satisfactory, with Hope defeating the now-fully evil Kenji and bringing all of the other Lights (as well as Pixie and Sebastian Shaw) back onside and ready to get back to work as a team. We see that in Uncanny (although for some reason Shaw is absent there) and I’m sure we’ll see the team together one last time in AvX. One thing I really liked that Asmus did here was give all of the other team-members a chance to shine and to deliver narration. We all know that Hope has a big future ahead of her, but this may be the last time we get any real focus on the likes of Teon and Laurie so it was cool to give them one last hurrah. I’ve really liked Asmus’ short run and it’s a shame it’s been cut short by events outside of the title, but I’ll be sure to look for whatever he does next, and hope that the characters from this title continue to get exposure in the 40 other X-books.

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