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Oh My! George Takei Inside Archie

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Postby LOLtron » Fri Dec 07, 2012 9:26 am

Comics’ Kevin Keller

Source: Star Trek's George Takei to Appear in Archie Comics' Kevin Keller No. 6


Issue #6, which was released this week in comic shops all over the world!  Archie Comics, still reeling from the Million Moms boycott earlier this year that accomplished nothing is happy to have the former Star Trek star insert himself where ever he wants.

Takei, who went through the unnecessary process of coming out in 2005, and has since become a major advocate for gay rights has stated that he appreciates all the long hours and hard work that went into making Kevin Keller the strong character that he is.  Takei, speaking to USA Today:

"It's reflecting the diversity of America, and embracing that diversity as a positive…There I am not only as a gay man but as an Asian-American gay man and I'm idolized by Kevin. Him and his gang travel to a sci-fi convention. How much more American can you be?"

In the comic, Takei takes the young, attractive, impressionable, strong, inexperienced Kevin under his wing to guide him through the challenges that he will face as a young, attractive, impressionable, strong, inexperienced gay man in this crazy unpredictable world.  By telling Kevin his life story, Takei hopes to show the young, attractive, impressionable, strong, inexperienced gay man that he is not alone and there are older, more experienced, wealthy, famous men who are around, if need be.


Oh, My indeed.

Written or Contributed by GHERU


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