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Ghost Rider #3 (My arm's fallen off Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Wed Sep 14, 2011 1:43 pm

Wowsers, that was pretty exciting. Williams is really shaking things up in this book, and I’m loving it. The new Ghost Rider makes a great villain, as does Adam. I feel like an idiot for wondering who Adam was back in #0.1, when it was obvious he was the biblical Adam really. But then where is Eve? The idea of a ‘bomb’ of sorts that wipes out sin is just my kind of crazy, and having it basically leave people as a blank slate is a great notion, and a great comment on human nature, we need sin. Williams continues to give Johnny Blaze the right attitude and some funny lines, but the English Zombie annoyed me a little to be honest, a little too comedic perhaps. I like a bit of levity, but not too much (hence why I don’t like Deadpool). Interesting to see a couple of Avengers show up, I wonder what role they’ll play next issue. It’s a shame that Matt Clark has missed an issue already, but Brian Ching’s art was pretty similar, and he did a solid job.

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