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Green Lantern #23.3 - Black Hand (Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat Sep 21, 2013 10:31 am

Charles Soule’s second Villain’s Month book of this week, and even though it’s about a villain I would have been more than happy to see dead, this was still a very well-told story, and it does set up Black Hand in an interesting new way, that most definitely makes things more personal between him and Hal Jordan.

Black Hand is reborn for some unknown reason, right in the middle of the chaos that’s raging across the DCU in the wake of Forever Evil. Confused about who he is, he is taken out, not by a superhero, but by some Cops. The best thing about this issue was how it demonstrated some new, creepy ways that Black Hand can use his death powers. To escape from Prison he kills a cockroach, reanimates it, and sends it out to bring him a dead rat, which he can bring back, and send to get something bigger, and so on, until a zombie can come and rescue him. Then, to make his way past the Police in the midst of a riot, he brings back to life a dead virus inside one of the cops who had just been vaccinated. Soule has come up with some very cool ideas here, and it’s made Black Hand more than just a guy who can create zombies.

Although he can do that too, as at the end of this issue he resurrects none other than Martin Jordan, none other than Green Lantern’s dad, and the star of a zillion flashbacks in Johns’ run. Black Hand takes Martin’s hand for his own, which means that the next time Hal Jordan takes on this villain, he’ll also be facing his own father, which should make for a great story if done right.

Alberto Ponticelli’s artwork contributed a lot to this story, he’s a dark, gritty artist, and that really worked for what is essentially a zombie book. This was good stuff, I thought that I had had more than enough of Black Lanterns, but I guess I was wrong, the next time Black Hand shows up, I expect something good.

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