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Green Lantern Corps #29 (Be creative Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sun Mar 16, 2014 4:34 pm

The Corps continue to be on the losing side of pretty much all fronts of this massive struggle against the Durlans and their allies in this issue, but there is one positive turning point here, as Von Daggle may hold the key.

On the planet Muz, Daggle is caught between the Corps and his fellow Durlans, quite literally, as both ask for him to join their cause. He initially tells John Stewart he’ll side with them, but it’s a double-cross, as he cold-cocks John and heads off with the other Durlans to find some more radioactive energy to repower himself. But this turns out to be a double-double-cross, because as soon as Daggle gets his energy back up, he takes out the Durlans and agrees to help the Corps. But not without a price, as he demands they help him find his original partner in the Green Lantern Corpse, who has gone under deep cover and is missing. Each step in this massive story takes us somewhere new, I’m very interested to see what this character’s deal is.

Van Jensen also develops a couple of other subplots here, as this series really has become all about the Corps, and not just John. We see Arisia struggling to train the wimpy new recruits, and also her and Kilowog discuss what John is going to do once he finds out that Hal has given Sector 2814 to the Red Lanterns and that he’s barred from the Earth. John not only loves his Mother, but he and Fatality are planning a vacation on Earth, so he won’t exactly be happy. It was awesome when John punched Hal right in the face a few issues back, and this next argument should be even better.

Elsewhere, Iolande, along with fellow Lantern Hwaal and the conscripted villain Loragg are hunting for the missing Soranik Natu at the ‘Shadow Market’. They ask a crime-boss if he knows about a missing Korugarian Lantern’s whereabouts, and he tells them that, while there are Lanterns who have been captured by the Khunds that he knows about, Soranik isn’t one of them. Nobody knows where she is. As we saw last issue, she’s been taken by Arkillo, and part of me thinks this plotline might not actually play out in this book, but rather in the upcoming Sinestro ongoing series, she is his daughter after all. The crime-boss then proceeds to threaten Loragg, who owes him money, which causes Hwaal to attack him, cutting off his hand. This pisses the crime-boss off, as it would, and he mutters under his breath about how this means he’ll now accept the Khund’s offer to join them.

Kilowog pulls Iolande back to Mogo because they need all available Lanterns at hand, and she raises some suspicions about Hwaal, who is normally very meek, but here acted very violently. It turns out she’s right to do so, as the last scene of the issue shows an alien who looks very much like Hwaal in a Durlan prison along with many other Lanterns. It looks like the ‘Hwaal’ in this issue is actually an imposter, but we’ve seen before that Durlans can’t use Power Rings. Have they found a way around that? If so, then Von Daggle probably won’t actually matter, the Corps is done for!

Bernard Chang’s art was great as ever, I’m liking the use of all-red panels to show important action moments, that started last issue and it continues here. You expect Green Lantern books to be colourful, but that colour is normally, well, green, so the overt red stands out a lot. Chang also draws some really great, detailed alien weirdos.

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