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Green Lantern Corps #28 (Pick a side Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Feb 14, 2014 12:53 pm

The Green Lantern books continue to burn through storylines at fast clip. I thought the hunt for Von Daggle was going to be a long-term subplot, but nope, thanks to Hunger Dog, John Stewart has tracked him down by page 5 of this issue! I am really enjoying these titles at the moment, and it’s great to be surprised again and again by where the writers are going. Van Jensen takes over as sole writer here, but the book doesn’t miss a beat (as I suspect he was doing the majority of the heavy lifting even when Venditti was being credited).

The story begins with Von Daggle, who is desperately trying to buy some kind of illicit substance, that at first appears to be drugs, but from the end of the issue I know think is the radioactive energy that Durlans need to keep transforming. I didn’t know this tidbit about Durlans, and that info could be key to stopping the threat. Daggle is soon accosted by John and his former-villain deputies, Hunger Dog, Fatality and Bolphunga, but he’s not easy to keep captured. We find out that Daggle can’t really use a Green Lantern ring, as every time he transforms, the ring stops recognising him and flies off to find a new host, so even though John’s brought it for him, he can’t use it. John tells him that he should come with them, because if he doesn’t, the Durlans will come for him, and there’s no 3rd option, but Daggle disagrees and transforms into a big-ass monster and tries to escape. John and his deputies are eventually able to get Daggle tied up, but only after he impersonates Bolphunga and then runs out of radioactive energy. But of course, as soon as they get him, a group of evil Durlans show up to claim him and set up what should be an epic fight next issue.

Back on Mogo, the main development involves a character who was once a major player in the GLC book but has been forgotten lately in Soranik Natu. She is feeling depressed about what’s happened lately, both her home planet of Korugar and her adopted home of Oa were destroyed, and now she’s believing that maybe she, like every other previous Korugarian Lantern, is cursed. Salaak tries to console her, but before he can, some mysterious villains show up and kidnap her, sending Salaak crashing down to Mogo, where he interrupts Jruk’s dinner. Iolande sets off to look for her with another Lantern and another cadre of former villains, but who is it that’s kidnapped Soranik? Well, it’s none other than Arkillo, the last surviving member of the Sinestro Corps! I can’t imagine that he has anything good planned for Sinestro’s daughter.

We also see the launch of the new Green Lantern crypt, including a memorial for Kyle Rayner, who is of course not dead, so it looks like that plot is developing somewhere interesting too.

This was another strong issue of GLC, the main battle with the Durlans plot keeps on getting better, and now you’ve got Arkillo back in the mix too, I love how many threats are out there now for the Lanterns, it really does feel like the whole universe is against them. Bernard Chang’s art was excellent as always, and I liked the interesting colour choices made by Marcelo Maiolo too, with many crucial panels throughout the issue being coloured just in red and white, which really made them stand out and grab your attention as moments worth remembering.

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