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Green Lantern Corps #23 (Qarian Death Wasp Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Aug 15, 2013 2:30 pm

After only 3 issues, I think this is my favourite of the Green Lantern titles I’m reading. Which is weird, because under Tomasi, it was probably my least favourite. This issue wasn’t anything flashy, but it was very enjoyable, and it ended with a great cliffhanger.

Van Jensen and Robert Venditti are doing a great job at balancing quite a few separate plotlines (although they might be more linked than I think), as well as making this a title not just about the Human GL, but also about the Corps. So whilst we are focused on John Stewart and his rookies (who continue to get nicely-paced character development, last issue gave us more about Jruk, here we see mostly about Feska), but we also have plenty of scenes with other Corps members. Not just Kilowog and Salaak, but also the likes of Iolande, Vath Sarn, Isamot Kol and Soranik Natu. These are characters that were big parts of this title back when Dave Gibbons wrote it many moons ago, but really dropped off when Tomasi took over. I like Tomasi in many ways, but his love for Guy Gardner really took over this book. But now, it looks like the writers are really going to make this about The Corps, and that’s great.

John and the rest manage to escape from The Khunds fairly easily, but I did like how John has started to enforce a ‘no killing’ rule. It was a big deal when the Guardians repealed that law, but now that they are gone, and the GLC is trying to rebuild their reputation, I like that they are back to being a heroic police force, rather than an army. The Durlan story is also getting more and more intriguing, as they attempt to do some kind of surgery on Fatality. Those guys are creepy as fuck, I just hope they don’t get lost in the mix of this ‘Lights Out’ stuff.

That upcoming crossover rears it’s head at the end of this issue, as John, Kilowog and Salaak inspect the Central Power Battery to see if a malfunction there is what’s causing the rings to blink in and out. Turns out, Ion, the dumb fucking space-whale that gives you the green light powers is dying, and so are all of the other dumb fucking spectrum Pokemon. Eesh. I don’t really like these Johns concepts, so if Lights Out is going to kill them… then yeah, I’m down for that. Bernard Chang’s great art is also a big part of why I’m enjoying this title, he’s got a great, unique style, and it’s perfect for drawing all sorts of weird alien dudes.

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