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Green Lantern Corps #20 (Spoilers for another comic Spoilers

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Postby Punchy » Fri May 10, 2013 11:53 am

Okay, first things first, DC massively fucked up here and released this ‘Wrath Of The First Lantern’ epilogue before the final chapter of the crossover comes out in Green Lantern #20. Which means that this comic features a shit-ton of spoilers early on. Some of it is stuff I had guessed, but still, I don’t want to be spoiled, especially not by the publishers themselves!

But once you get past the first 2 pages or so, there’s nothing in here that you didn’t already know from the last 19 issues of GLC and it becomes a fine send-off to Tomasi and Pasarin’s run on the title. John Stewart and Fatality get it on on Mogo, and it’s good to see John find some happiness after years of being shit on, and since he’s going to be the main character of this title going forward, it was a nice place for Tomasi to leave him (before DC kill him! Or not, who knows, probably not!). But the main focus here is obviously Guy Gardner, he’s been the main focus of most of Tomasi’s stories, and since it looks like he’s becoming a Red Lantern, this was a fine farewell to this take on Guy. Tomasi wraps up the plotline of Xar, the alien who hates Guy and that the Guardians had freed, as Guy has to race home and save his family.

After this, he tries to stay at home and be an Earth-bound GL, and can’t do it, in a series of fun panels that show just how chafing Earth can be. Tomasi has always had a fantastic handle on Guy Gardner, managing to make him a bit of a dick but someone you still care about, an archetypical loveable jerk, and that shone through in this issue. This was a great wrap-up to Tomasi’s lengthy run with these characters, and I’m sad to see it end, but also excited to see what the future brings. It’s been the same people writing these books for a long time, so it’s certainly going to be different next month.

If only DC could have not screwed the pooch and released these stories in the right order. Even when we get something good, modern DC still somehow manages to mess it up, it’s sad really.

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