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Green Lantern #23.2 - Mongul (Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sun Sep 15, 2013 9:17 am

Mongul is one of those villains I’ve never really read much about. I have of course read Alan Moore’s ‘For The Man Who Has Everything’, but that story was less about Mongul and more about the Black Mercy and Superman’s inner-most desires. Since then, pretty much every Mongul story that I’ve read has been more about his plant collection than who he is as a character (and I think the Mongul that was running around before Flashpoint was actually the original’s son), so it was good to see his origins and find out why he’s not just a poor man’s Thanos, who is a poor man’s Darkseid anyway.

This was a strong issue, and I think it helped that DC didn’t just toss it off to just anyone, this issue was written by one of Mongul’s co-creators, Jim Starlin, who obviously knows the character pretty well. The story here is pretty simple, the commander of a space-fleet comes across Mongul’s War-World ship, and orders him to surrender. Mongul teleports the commander onto War-World and gives him a guided tour, and also a recap of Mongul’s origins.

As I said, I’m not particularly familiar with his old origins, so this could all be new or it could be a re-telling, but it was fairly cool. The best thing about Mongul is how over-the-top villainous he is, everything here is just evil on a cosmic scale, and it’s a lot of fun to see how far he goes in destroying people who oppose him. It’s going to be fun to see him go up against the Green Lanterns if and when it does happen.

Howard Porter’s artwork was also very good, I’ve liked his stuff since JLA in the 90s, and the new style he’s been using lately is very good, and very much suited for outer-space stories. I know there’s been controversy about the art situation on Justice League 3000, but Porter is a good artist in his own right, and it’s not his fault Maguire was replaced.

Basically, this was a good example of a Villain’s Month book, because it made me interested in a character I previously wasn’t really bothered about, DC has a great library of villains, and this event is actually doing a solid job at spotlighting them, in amongst all of the other bullshit.

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