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Green Lantern #11 (The past is the past Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sun Jul 29, 2012 8:19 am

It’s actually pretty cool how all of the story arcs in this book lately are running into each other and making it all one big story, it’s very old-fashioned, but I like it. Now that the threat of the Indigoes is sort of over, we’re back to one of Johns’ favourite villains, Black Hand, who is just as creepy as ever. Thankfully it seems like Black Hand’s plans are not going to lead to a Blackest Night sequel or anything too big, he’s just fucked up and wants to create zombies, a nice, comfortable threat! Heh. The best thing about this title continues to be the bickering relationship between Hal and Sinestro, I may still hate Hal, but giving him a ‘straight man’ like Sinestro to play off of has improved him, made him less annoying and given his devil-may-care attitude a nice contrast. I’m sure the most talked about scene in this issue will be the one at the very end where Hal and Sinestro get sucked into the Book Of The Black and get a vision of what’s coming up in the GL books with that new event. Johns specialises in these teases, and this one was pretty effective, so alongside the new controversial Earth Lantern (I’m rolling my eyes at the gun and Arabic tattoo at the moment, but we shall see), we also see some ominous looking Guardians, the Manhunters being led by Atrocitus, Guy in prison, Kyle as a Red Lantern and some mysterious hooded figures. Ooooooooh. I’m not particularly pumped for this crossover, but this did pique my interest.

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