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Grifter #11 (Sticks and stones Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sun Jul 15, 2012 8:15 am

This title continues to be a crazy, fun, if not a little stupid, ride. It is a little jarring how different the book is now to how it was under Nathan Edmondson, but different is good I suppose. This issue features Grifter, Deathblow and the rest taking on ‘Synge’ a villain so completely Liefeld I’d say it was taking the piss if this book wasn’t co-written by The Rob himself. It’s weird to see Grifter have such powerful telekinesis so quickly, but it did make for a cool scene with him collapsing an entire forest on top of Synge, this book has just become like a comics version of the Expendables or Crank or something, crazy stuff happens and it’s awesome. Niko betraying the team kind of came out of the blue, but I’m interested to see what happens now that Helspont is involved, are we going to get a crossover between Superman and Grifter? That would be weird. Marat Mychaels draws this issue, and it was interesting, his style is like the exact half-way point between Scott Clark’s and Rob Liefeld’s. Did they work it out mathematically?

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