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Guardians Of The Galaxy #9 (Uh, please hold Spoilers)

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Staff Writer

Postby Punchy » Fri Dec 06, 2013 12:27 pm

It’s pretty awkward timing for this ‘Infinity’ tie-in issue to come out a week after Infinity itself came to an end, as there’s no real suspense to any of it. We’ve already seen that the Avengers were able to get through the barrier and defeat Thanos, so it’s not as enjoyable to see Star-Lord, Rocket and Agent Brand try and disable it.

What is enjoyable is the interaction between all of the characters, and Franco Francavilla’s art, which really shouldn’t work in a sci-fi setting, but does so very well. The issue begins with a short scene focusing on Gamora, who had stormed off last time after she found out Star-Lord let Thanos live, however, she reconsiders her actions, and teleports back to help out her team. And they do need help, as Angela has smashed in through the side of the Peak Station and, even though she’s trying to help them, may have made things worse. Star-Lord, Rocket and Brand make their way through the Station, and as I said, the best things here are the typically funny Bendis dialogue between them all, and the art from Francavilla, who delivers some really cool layouts and moments. I loved the two silent double-page spreads, which show, with cool diagonal panels, first Angela taking a beating from the Aliens, and then, Drax and Groot coming to her rescue, just brilliant stuff.

The Guardians make their way to the control room which can open the barrier, but the Avengers’ ship is nowhere in sight, and in the process of waiting, a SWORD agent is, I think, killed. Thankfully, the Avengers finally get on comms, and we get a hilariously awkward scene between Star-Lord and Captain Marvel, and where Quill almost presses the wrong blue button. So, the Avengers are through on their way to Earth and to kick Thanos’ ass as we saw last week, but our heroes here still have problems to deal with in those pesky aliens. Luckily, this time Gamora arrives to save them, and Brand is able to set the Peak to self-destruct, and everyone, including Angela, flies off to safety. Hooray!

These 2 Infinity tie-in issues were a lot of fun, even though they were hardly essential, the dialogue between all of the characters was Bendis on top form, and it was great to see an artist like Francavilla do something outside of his usual wheelhouse, and that looks set to continue, as next issue sees Kevin Maguire drawing an issue, which should be fun to say the least. I think his comedic style should mesh very well with Bendis’ take on this book.
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Stephen Day

Wrasslin' Fan

Postby Stephen Day » Sun Dec 08, 2013 9:51 pm

It's strange, more than any other series Marvel is publishing right now, Guardians of the Galaxy would seem to be the title that would fit the best into Infinity, but no other tie in issues seemed so shoe horned into Infinity than this series'. It's such a young series compared to Avengers and New Avengers and it's too soon to be throwing tie in issue at it I think.

Not that the two Infinity tie in issues were bad, I did enjoy them, but neither of them was as good as the rest of the series so far. They seemed to disrupt the current overall story more than anything else.

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