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Haunt #21 (True Deceiver Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Mon Feb 13, 2012 7:52 am

Casey and Fox’s reinvention of Haunt continues to be a brilliant, madcap thrill-ride. The art is really the big draw here for me, Fox’s art is so idiosyncratic and weird that it’s just a joy to look at each panel. He draws the bizarre tentacles of Haunt well, his backgrounds are detailed and the way he draws intestines is so good it almost becomes beautiful. Under Fox’s pencil, Haunt has become one of the best looking books on the market, and that’s no joke. But that’s not to denigrate Casey’s contribution, he paces the action brilliantly, and while the dialogue isn’t quite as insane as in Butcher Baker, he manages to get some great one-liners in there, and the made-up scripture of the secret bible sounds real. Last month I predicted that ‘Still Harvey Tubman’ was actually Jesus Christ, and I’m not sure whether this issue had any pointers one way or the other, I hope I’m right though, it would be awesome for Jesus to have a starring role again, he hasn’t had one since Battle Pope.

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