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FF #15 (Heroic city of heroism Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Dec 19, 2013 2:58 pm

Whereas this week’s issue of Fantastic Four spent most of it’s time unravelling complicated plot stuff, FF this week just went for pretty much a straight-up action issue, as we see Ant-Man’s plan to attack Doom come to fruition. Of course, this being FF, it isn’t your standard action issue, with plenty of humour and weird bits in there too.

The issue opens with Scott taking everyone through is big plan, which is basically, use a bunch of robots to attack Latveria and distract all of the Doombots and soldiers, then to have the FF bust in, have Alex and Ahura rescue Alex’s parents, use that old Magician guy to take away Doom’s magic, and then smash all of his technology, giving him no room to escape before Ant-Man can ‘finish’ things.

The attack begins, and Lee Allred has a lot of fun turning it basically into a video game, which makes sense for a book with a lot of kid characters. The various Future Foundation students are split into 2 teams (one representing Caesar, the other Sun Tzu) controlling the various robots and competing to see who does the best. Bentley is upset at being given a team of terrible gamers, so he pumps them up with the ultimate gamer diet… energy drinks and sweets. Driven hyper by all of this sugar, the robots are able to continue to kick ass.

After the FF bust in, Alex is able to free his parents, and at the same time, we see more of the mysterious Ravonna, who Alex decides not to free. However, we then see that she could have escaped at any time. Who is she? Well, we soon find out, as she interrupts Franklin and Val’s interdimensional travel, trapping them before they can get back to the Marvel Universe, and revealing that she is… Val! Wha? That is a crazy reveal, I love it.

Seemingly unrelated to Ant-Man’s attack on Latveria, it’s various embassies are also under attack, as the Inhumans are on the hunt for Medusa and Ahura, who they think are dead and have traced to Latverian embassies. They don’t find who they are looking for, but they do find Maximus The Mad, who has been shrunken down by Scott, so I guess it’s not unrelated, he deliberately planted him to draw an attack from his brother. It was a little weird to see the Inhumans like this just after Inhumanity started, but hey, one last hurrah for Karnak I suppose.

Scott’s plan seems to be going well, but he still has to stop Doom from becoming an Annihilating Conqueror. Luckily, Doom himself doesn’t seem to want to become one, as he keeps refusing Kid Immortus’ suggestions he does so. Of course, it looks like ol’ Victor can’t ignore this multiversal constant, as Uatu shows up to watch, and Kid Immortus tries to force the transformation. Doom stops the melding, but emerges with Kang’s powers, and proceeds to attack his alternate reality selves, and The Watcher, before Medusa, She-Hulk and Ms Thing arrive to stop him and siphon off his power. They manage to do so, but knock themselves out, leaving Doom standing, weakened, but standing, and only a few steps away from regaining his annihilating, conqueringness. However, Ant-Man is in the way to stop him, and that’s going to be one hell of a final battle.

This was a really enjoyable issue, the art from Michael Allred was excellent as ever, and Lee Allred once again brought the humour (the Bentley scenes, and Caesar Vs Sun Tzu) as well as the drama. The ending few pages here were epic, and the reveal about Ravonna is brilliant. I can’t wait for the final chapter and for Scott Lang to save the day.
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Stephen Day

Wrasslin' Fan

Postby Stephen Day » Sun Dec 22, 2013 2:22 pm

This issue was fun. I loved the running panels of Thing-bots at the bottom of most of the pages.

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