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FF #7 (How nuclear a family can truly be Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu May 16, 2013 10:26 am

Another really enjoyable issue of FF that’s full of great moments, insane concepts and brilliant art from Mike Allred. I enjoyed Joe Quinones as a fill-in, but there’s nothing quite like getting some pure, uncut Allred action. This issue was basically a massive fight between the FF and the Wizard’s new Frightful Four over the soul of Bentley 23. Each member of the team had a part to play (except She-Hulk, who was off with the Inhumans until the very end) including the kids. I especially liked Ms. Thing getting a moment of glory in beating down Blastaar and getting to say the immortal ‘IT’S CLOBBERING TIME’ line. I also liked how the way in which Blastaar was defeated tied in with what’s been going on in the other Fantastic Four title was cool. That time-travel stuff still doesn’t make sense, but it’s good to see that Fraction is maintaining a strong connection between both books.

I’m not quite sure what Fraction is going for when he has Wizard rant about his ‘heteronormative, cisgendered classification of family’, it seems odd to bring in real world politics to such an off-the-wall comic, but the Fantastic Four has always been about family, and it’s interesting to see Fraction keep that theme going even when the team are not actually related like the real deal, it was actually very heart-warming to see Bentley choose the FF. After 7 issues where the new team is barely a team, it looks like the attack from the Wizard has made them an actual unit. It even seems like Scott has stopped freaking out and imagining the funerals of all the kids. But then at the end… DOOM! I can’t wait to see this off-beat team take on the biggest and best Fantastic Four villain.

This is just a really enjoyable Fantastic Four comic, it takes it’s lead from the kitschy 60s and the Kirby stuff (I liked how The Inhumans were described as being ‘mega-groovy’, because, well, they are), but it’s modern at the same time, it’s a unique experience, and it’s Fraction using Allred to his best abilities and both of them going crazy with it.

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