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Hulk #42 (Magus Of War Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:22 am

Another very good issue of Hulk and it’s great to have Patrick Zircher on board, he’s one of the most underrated pencillers in comics in my opinion and he draws a kick-ass Red Hulk. This story continues Jeff Parker’s fleshing out of Thunderbolt Ross’ back-story, and introduces a former friend who left the USAF to become a mercenary, his death sends Rulk into Arabia where he carves a swathe through some rebels or something, the politics don’t matter to Red Hulk, he just smashes shit up. And then the Secret Avengers show up and kick his ass. This looks like being an interesting storyline, and one that thankfully has a little less going on than the last one, which while excellent, had like 5 different villains in it. Although General Fortean is still involved here, and it looks like there’s a new villain too. If you’d told me 2 years ago when Loeb was writing this book that one day it would be too complicated at times, I’d never believe you, but it is a complex book, and all the better for it.

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