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Incredible Hulk #10 (Americans love senseless violence Spoil

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Postby Punchy » Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:07 pm

I’m really enjoying this arc, it’s great seeing Jason Aaron come up with loads of different and strange locations for the Hulk to wake up in and try and puzzle/smash his way out of. This time we go straight from the bottom of the ocean up into space, as Hulk fights some Russian Robot Space Bears and helps some innocent children escape from their crazy father. It’s just great to get a tour of all the different corners of the Marvel Universe from the ultra-skewed perspective of Jason Aaron, you really see what a great universe it is, anything can happen, and not enough writers take the opportunity to let that anything loose. My one quibble with this arc would be that at the moment I have no idea what Banner’s plan is here, it seems to make no sense, I hope that by the end of it all, these trips to the desert, to the ocean and to space will be connected in a way that isn’t lame, because that’s what this story hinges on. It’s all well and good having fun with crazy space bears, but if it’s just done for the sake of it… it’s hollow. Luckily Aaron is a writer who always imbues his work with a lot of substance, so I’m sure it won’t happen… but I’m still anxious at this point. Tom Raney’s art was very strong, I loved the Hulk’s facial expressions, very funny. Next up is Kraven The Hunter, and I’m hoping the jungle Hulk wakes up in is the Savage Land, because come on, Hulk Vs Dinosaurs!

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