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Incredible Hulk #13 (No Doombots Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat Sep 15, 2012 11:57 am

This issue takes us back to #7.1 and fills in the gaps, showing what Bruce Banner was up to in between the Hulk’s adventures during the ‘Stay Angry’ arc. This is a very clever conceit, and Aaron pulls it off with aplomb and explains just how Banner was able to do what he did. I especially liked how he brought back the character’s stint as ‘Mister Fixit’ and how he used those Vegas connections to get the money he needed to pay for this epic scheme. The scene with the blind doctor in Antarctica was a strange one though, it was very talky, and I wonder if there is more to this Doctor than there seems. We then get an awesome scene where Banner confronts Doom and kills a fuckload of DoomBots. I love the way Jason Aaron writes Doctor Doom, he’s just such a cocky evil dick. This brings us back to the present, where Bruce has seemingly turned over a new leaf and wants to team back up with the Hulk to defeat Doom. I’m glad that they are back on the same page, but I reckon there’s a least one more twist to come before things are all set up for Waid’s run. This issue also features the triumphant return of the Mad Squad. I wonder if we’ll get an origin for Amanda Von Doom before Aaron’s run is out? After a rocky start, this take on the Hulk is really coming together, and at the end, Aaron will have told one very interesting complete story, which is rare in superhero comics.

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