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Invincible Iron Man #520 (I'm not Tony Stark Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat Jul 07, 2012 10:25 am

Just when I thought that the momentum had shifted and Tony was in control… Fraction throws that last scene at me! Mandarin can control Tony Stark, and has been able to ever since Iron Man: Disassembled! When he makes Tony call him ‘Master’… holy crap, it’s on now. The rest of this issue contained several interesting developments in the ongoing subplots. I like the idea that Tony is pretending that the ‘new’ Iron Man is nothing to do with him, it’s an extra-level of protection. Plus, Rhodey continues to kick ass, I can’t believe he straight-up killed Chemistro, that was hardcore. Equally hardcore was Sasha Hammer killing the crazy Detroit Steel by decapitating him through 10 inches of metal, crazy. The Spymaster stuff continues to be surprisingly touching, it’s weird how in amongst all of the massive suits of armour and plots within plots, Fraction has managed to get in a gay love story without it seeming out of place. If Fraction and Larroca are indeed leaving Iron Man during Marvel Now! then this is a great way to go, if they stick the landing, this will have been a true epic.

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