Invincible #93 (The cult of the truth Spoilers)

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Invincible #93 (The cult of the truth Spoilers)

Postby Punchy » Sun Jul 08, 2012 10:38 am

I love it when a book’s supporting cast is so good that the main character can only appear on 2 pages, and it’s still great. This issue continued the focus on Monster Girl and Robot’s time in the Flaxan dimension (with awesome art from Cory Walker), but also crucially brought that story crashing into the present, with a new look Flaxan Invasion. Kirkman has a lot of fun with the different temporal rules that operate in the Flaxan world, and the huge timescale of Robot’s plan was just amazing, planning 100 years in advance? Genius! I can’t wait to see how what happened led to what’s going on now. It’s very clever dual storytelling from Kirkman. There’s also some other continuing subplots, like Bulletproof continuing to deal with his parents thinking his brother is actually the hero, I’m very intrigued as to what the deal is with that. I also really dug the return of the Cult that worshipped Mark’s high-school graduation hat, even if they did all die. Oh yeah, and Invincible sat on a sofa! Like I said, it’s great that the main character can take a back-seat, a real testament to Kirkman’s world-building skills.


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