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Jupiter's Legacy #4 (Most eccentric people in the world Spoi

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Postby Punchy » Fri Mar 07, 2014 12:52 pm

After a pretty long break, Jupiter’s Legacy returns, and what do you know? Brandon and Walter’s revolution hasn’t turned out that well. I actually don’t mind the long wait between issues in this case, the story has jumped 9 years into the future, and having to wait a while sells that pretty well. I know it’s not intentional at all, but it worked, and it’s just great to have Millar and Quitely back doing their thing.

The issue actually begins in the past, as we get a closer look at what Sheldon, Walter, Grace and the rest actually found on the mysterious island that gave them their superpowers. It turns out that it wasn’t even an island, it was actually a space-ship, and that it had just been lying dormant for so long that plants had started to grow on it, which is interesting. We see the heroes go into some kind of doorway which takes them to another dimension, where we see more of the aliens that empowered them. There’s still a lot more to know about this secret origin, and the way Millar is spacing it out across the series has been effective.

This flashback is Chloe telling a bedtime story to her son, Jason, who has superpowers like her. She and Hutch have been hiding out in Australia for the last 9 years, unable to be detected by Brandon and Walter, and basically trying to be normal. In fact, they encourage Jason to be overly normal and hide his superpowers. So he has to pretend to crap at sports, to be bad at school, and even let himself be beaten up from time to time. Millar has a lot of fun with the comedy of parents wanting their child to fail, and all in all, it feels very similar to The Incredibles, and how Dash has to hide his super-speed. Millar’s other book this week also feels indebted to that movie, which makes for an interesting experience, but hey, if you’re going to steal (sorry, homage), steal from the best, and The Incredibles is certainly up there with the best superhero stories.

It also turns out that Hutch’s dad, George, wasn’t just an enemy of Sheldon’s, he was initially an ally, and one of the travelers to the Island before they fell out. I like that there’s just as much mystery about the past as the present, and that even though the heroes are dead, they will still be present. Even though Jason seems pretty content to hide his abilities, he is sneaking out to play superhero, and we see him sneak off in a home-made costume to stop a tornado. I can’t tell if Jason is going to turn out to be good or bad, he stops the disaster, but he also steals a little girl’s ice-cream. Hmmm.

This action from Jason however is what alerts Walter that there’s something going on in Australia, so either way, it was dumb. As for Walter and his revolution, Brandon is now the President, in his 9th year of office, but it’s not the Utopia Walter promised, there are riots, high unemployment, and basically, the world is still fucked. Brandon is not best pleased, and shouts so loud that he knocks back some protestors just with his voice. I was a little confused by the next scene, was that whole protest just a plant by Walter to allow Brandon to release his anger? The issue ends with Walter telling Brandon he might have located Chloe, and that he’s sending in a ‘Professional’, who is a scary looking dude with a pencil moustache and a cane.

This was a fun return for this series, and really, it’s where the story really begins. Frank Quitely’s art was, as you’d expect from him, excellent, it’s always worth the wait. I particularly like the way he draws Jason, as, going back to Damian Wayne, he draws kid superheroes like actual kids, which is all too rare in comics. This book just looks fantastic, and the art improves the story and pushes it to that next level.
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crash test dummy

Postby AngusH » Mon Mar 10, 2014 8:23 pm

I liked the flashback to "The Island" (feel like I'm talking about Arrow here....). I liked the first three issues just fine, but they felt a little bit stale like we've seen all this before. The new direction will do the book a lot of good IMO.

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