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Just a Little More Blud: Blud Clot Saga

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Postby LOLtron » Mon Jan 28, 2013 1:01 am

Just a Little More Blud: Blud Clot Saga

It's another three-parter featuring the return of a character not seen since Season 2 of Just A Little Blud!

So in case you're unaware, Just a Little More Blud is brand new every Sunday at our homepage at Of course, we also try to post it here, but we've been busy. So we're catching up tonight, but remember, you don't have to wait. Bookmark and get your fix of North Korea's second most popular webcomic on time, every Sunday!


Notes from the Bludhouse

Every great comic character deserves at least five spin-off characters based on them. Since we make fun of crazy comic book traditions, I'm betting Blud will eventually have fifty. Maybe one hundred.

For now, meet Blud Clot.

Blud Clot was originally going to be Blud's temporary replacement in the original Just a Little Blud storyline. It was going to fit in after we finished up the second "season" of the comic and besides the character model and basic premise, the entire storyline was put in my hands. Jon was going to take a break to prepare for season three and I was going to do the whole damn thing. I had it all outlined but... it turns out all of us are phenomenally lazy.

We never finished season two and I never produced more than the story outline and some additional character models.

Some of that story is going to be reincorporated into Just a Little More Blud but this rendition of Blud Clot is almost completely different that what we had originally planned. Get ready for another three parter, people!



Notes from the Bludhouse

Oh, so much to talk about for this strip and so little time.

Let's talk about Blud Clot, or rather, his YOUNGER self, Youngblud Blood. YBB first appeared in our black and white noir series back during the original Just a Little More Blud run. Because it was all grey tones, it didn't give me a lot of colors to work with. Hell, I don't even remember if that was a comic that I even worked on. Jon did a few of those himself to save on time.The only time Youngblud Blood has ever gotten any colors is in a piece Jon did for the Outhouse. This was one of the OH's old banners where a bunch of Salwen created super-heroes waited in line for their turn in the Outhouse bathroom. YBB hid behind the thing like a creeper and all you could see was his face and a hand.

You can tell in that small image that his face and hand are flesh colored. I decided not to follow it. I'm a maverick.

What I did take from it was his hair color that differs from Blud Clot's and probably confuses everyone. I figure Blud Blood was such a douche that he made Youngblud Blood color his naturally blonde hair to a more of a light brown because the blonde was too awesome and distracted from how great Blud Blood was. And that's the story I'm sticking with.

You'll also notice that Blud Blood's piping is colored red in the flashbacks. This is because back in the first year of JALB, that was the color of that piping. I changed it for the second year of JALB to that grey-blue color that I kept for the current series. For this flashback, I went all retro.

All this and I worked six days this week. I'm amazing.

That's Youngblud Blood's first appearance.

And, no, I didn't color it. That's all Jon.



Notes from the Bludhouse

I really thought that, if I put effort into it, I could defend at least one of the movies mentioned in this strip. I tried. I could not. Those are some really bad movies. There are a lot of bad comic book movies.

-Jude Terror


Written or Contributed by Jude Terror


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