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Justice League #11 (Like hell she did Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Mon Jul 23, 2012 1:39 pm

This issue featured the best example of the worst thing about this book, which was the JLA just being absolutely massive pricks to each other. I could buy it in the first arc, because they had all only just met, but this story is set 5 years on, they should be a lot chummier. I know that team-books thrive on a little bit of inter-team rivalry, like Wolverine and Cyclops hating one another, or Hawkeye deliberately trying to wind up Captain America, but this is just so incredibly blatant and unsubtle. They’ve been team-mates for 5 years but Wonder Woman will just flip out and beat the crap out of Green Lantern and Superman for trying to help her? They are acting more like the Teen Titans than the Justice League, and it’s bad writing and considering Johns managed to write team books with the likes of Black Adam and Hawkman in them causing trouble, I’m very disappointed in him, didn’t this guy used to know how to write nuanced characters? I’m sure he did. Maybe it’s just drawing for Jim Lee which makes a writer just stop even attempting subtlety. I did like the bit at the end with Cyborg possibly being dead or half-dead or something, which was interesting, but other than that… very disappointing. At least the Shazam! back-up was good, the afore-mentioned Black Adam is back, and Gary Frank is perhaps the perfect artist to draw him, just look at those eyebrows! Wow! And at the very end, Billy finally gets on that subway train and he’s going to meet the Wizard, I’ve got chills, I can’t wait to see how Johns re-interprets these iconic scenes.

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