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Justice League #10 (Worse than the Martian Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat Jun 30, 2012 7:49 am

Another OK issue of Justice League, although I’m getting a bit tired of the JL bickering amongst each other like children. At least when Bendis’ Avengers argue it’s funny. I did like the fact that Superman and Batman rose above it, the World’s Finest stayin’ cool. I also liked that Steve Trevor giving up his access codes wasn’t actually that big of a betrayal, he and Cyborg had already planned for this contingency. This is probably the first moment where I’ve bought Cyborg as a member of the Justice League. Graves is a decent villain I guess, although him having the faces of his dead family members on his body was just weird. I did like how Johns referenced the events of Wonder Woman’s solo title here, at times it’s seemed like the Wonder Woman of that book and the Wonder Woman of this one are completely different characters. Jim Lee’s art looked rushed again this month, I don’t think he’s suited for a book with this many characters coming out so regularly, it’s still recognisable as his work, but it lacks the crispness of ‘Hush’ and instead looks like 90s Wildstorm. In contrast, the Shazam back-up looks amazing, Gary Frank is kicking ass. I still really like this story, it’s a real modernisation for a character that’s never really had one, all of the attempts to do Captain Marvel in modern era have played up the nostalgic childishness, so it’s cool to see a slightly different take. We even got to see Talky Tawny! And now that Black Adam is involved, shit is going down.

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