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Kick-Ass 3 #4 (Just created his own Magneto Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Oct 31, 2013 9:51 am

The half-way point of this series is here, and things are really starting to move quickly now, as Mark Millar ratchets up all of his various subplots and even adds a new one into the mix.

After their failed attempt to do a ‘Batman: Year One’ to Rocco Genovese, Kick-Ass and Justice Forever make their way back to their home base, in time for a big confrontation with The Juicer, who has been auditioning new members for the team behind everyone’s back. Kick-Ass is pissed, so he kicks Juicer out, but this only pisses everyone else off. I liked how Mark Millar referenced Civil War here, it’s funny to me that he can now reference his own stuff like this. The commentary continues as Dave translates his anger at Juicer and the rest of the team turning on him by arguing on the CBR forums about Villain’s Month and Canadian superheroes. Now, whilst Millar obviously should have used The Outhouse here, it was still funny stuff and a nice reminder that Dave Lizewski is very much like you and me. I didn’t think the detail of Todd fucking one of Dave’s old teachers was very funny though, sometimes Millar gets too crude even for me.

What’s less crude is the advance in the relationship between Dave and Valerie, which is still surprisingly sweet. I know Millar is known as the master of putting rape in comics and being awful, but scenes like this, and quieter stuff like Superior and 1985 show he can be nice sometimes. Of course, now that I say this, Valerie will turn out to either be a villain or be raped and murdered next issue, so yeah.

The Genovese plotline continues, as Chris is forced by his uncle to beat up the Guard who let Kick-Ass through last issue, and we see what Rocco’s big plan is, to unite all of the New York Gangs under his rule. Millar interestingly spins off a new plot here, as Vic Gigante, the crooked cop who has been working for the Mafia since the first series has had enough of Rocco, and starts a plan with his fellow corrupt cops to rob Rocco and flee the City. How does he plan on doing this? They are going to dress up like superheroes of course! You can just see how badly this is going to turn out for Kick-Ass and everyone else.

Hit-Girl only has 3 pages in this issue, but they are effective, as she is tied to a gurney after a failed escape attempt, and it seems like Millar is going to delve a bit into what makes her tick, as the Psychiatrist brings up her mother. It’s been a brave decision for Millar to keep Hit-Girl on the sidelines of this series so much, and it’s working for me, building the anticipation for her escape to fever pitch.

Romita’s art was of course, excellent as ever, but for me, this was the best issue of this Threequel so far, all the plotlines are moving quicker now, and hyper-violence is just around the corner. Plus, Millar is actually showing a softer side for once.

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