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Kick-Ass 3 #6 (A very busy weekend coming up Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Feb 13, 2014 1:57 pm

After being on the out-skirts of this third volume of Kick-Ass for most of the previous issues, Hit-Girl finally takes centre-stage in this over-sized story, and it’s no surprise that it’s just as over-the-top and silly as you’d expect from a Hit-Girl story. Which means that it’s over-the-top and silly in the very best way.

The bulk of the issue is taken up with Mindy McCready being interviewed by her psychiatrist in Prison and seeing flashbacks to her early days of training with Big Daddy. We see her do ridiculous stuff like jump onto a moving train and go to a hardware store to buy all of Big Daddy’s equipment, but there’s a serious (well, a serious as Kick-Ass can get) as we see Hit-Girl attempt her first kill. And I say attempt, because she’s actually unable to pull the trigger at first. Hit-Girl is so OTT that it’s easy to forget she’s just a little kid, so I liked seeing a little bit of vulnerability here. Big Daddy’s method of getting Mindy to finally kill was interesting, as he let himself be over-powered by the Sex Tourists they were trying to kill, and made it look like they were about to kill him, which meant Mindy had to kill them in order to save her dad. It really is fucked-up how badly Big Daddy raised her, but it does make for entertaining comics.

Part of me does think however that the only reason Millar included these lengthy flashbacks was so that Nicolas Cage could reprise his role as Big Daddy in the Kick-Ass 3 movie if that happens. I wouldn’t be averse to Cage returning, he was the best part in the first film for sure.

As much as these flashbacks seem to be about Hit-Girl’s dad, they actually about her mother, as she is watching all of this through the glass, and the psychiatrist is leading up a meeting between the two of them so that Mindy can be ‘cured’. This however backfires, as hearing about her daughter’s exploits has had a profound effect on Mrs McCready, and she praises her, telling her to carry on crime-fighting and never give up. These attempts to cure Hit-Girl have just made her mother crazy along with her. Of course, you aren’t really meant to think Hit-Girl is crazy, that’s the interesting dichotomy of this book, you’re never sure if the heroes actually deserve that label, or if they aren’t just nutcases.

After this, it’s time to check-in on the other characters, as we see Todd (in his role as Ass-Kicker) get hunted down and shot in the ass by the Mafia, whilst the corrupt cops who kick-started this hero-hunt just sit back and watch. Dave is worried about not hearing from his best friend so he goes out to look for him, and crucially, does it out of costume. He has his Kick-Ass stick, but is in plain-clothes, which is smart, he won’t get shot at. It’s surprising, but Dave Lizewski has definitely matured in this series. The issue ends with Hit-Girl feeling reenergised by her mother’s support, and preparing to escape, but before she can do so, she is injected with a paralysis toxin by the guards, and in walks Red Mist/Motherfucker with a loaded gun. Is he going to just shoot her in the head? I wouldn’t put it past Millar. Only 2 issues left in the Kick-Ass saga, and anything is fair game I would say.

Romita Jr and Palmer’s art was great as ever, I’m only just used to him drawing creator-owned books and now he’s off to DC! Crazy.

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