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Lazarus #3 (A drink of water and a sunset Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat Aug 31, 2013 11:17 am

This series continues to be really excellent, Image are onto another winner here thanks to Rucka and Lark. I loved their previous collaborations, but having them create an entire new world is something else, and each issue just pulls back more layers on this all-too realistic dystopian future.

In this issue, Forever visits the compound of one of the Carlyle family’s rivals, the Morrays, to try and negotiate peace. And hey, what do you know? She actually does. I found the scenes at Morray to be fascinating, we got to see how a different clan works, and also a bit more insight into what exactly a ‘Lazarus’ is. Forever gets to talk to the Morray’s own Lazarus, Joacquim, and they surprisingly get along really well. Rucka does a good job at getting across the fucked-up situation these people are in, and how the Lazarus’ are totally under the control of their families. I found it interesting that Joacquim couldn’t eat a guava because it would fuck with his ‘implants’. The technology behind the Lazarus’ gets creepier and creepier, especially as the cover to #4 seems to show that Joacquim is part robotics.

The negotiation scene between Forever and the Head Morray was very well-written, especially with the way it was revealed that Daddy Carlyle didn’t just suspect that Jonah was a traitor, but already knew.

The Lannister-esque relationship of Jonah and Johannah is probably the weakest part of this book, because it is so seemingly indebted to Game Of Thrones, but the ending did bring things back, as Jonah launches a missile right at Forever and Joacquim, just as they were sharing a romantic moment. What a bastard! I expect the peace between Carlyle and Morray may be off now.

Michael Lark’s artwork was once again excellent, his realistic style really makes this world believable, and since Rucka is working with mostly real science, that’s very useful indeed. He only really gets to do one action scene in this issue, where Forever chops off that Morray guard’s hand, but it was very well-paced, a great depiction of how tough the Lazarus’ are.

Basically, this book is great, and I can’t wait to see how the first arc ends, I may make fun of Greg Rucka’s constant ‘strong female character’ use, but Forever Carlyle is awesome, and so is her world.

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