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Windom URL

Rain Partier

Postby Windom URL » Mon Feb 04, 2013 3:59 pm

S.F. Jude Terror wrote:Buses would be much better if there were no people on them.

True. But those are the first routes they cut.

This city, it just used to be geared to the city when people lived near downtown in the early 20th C but as it grew and spread and swallowed up townships and farms, there was never any public planning for a system that could accommodate all that sprawl in every direction. And partly because of the part of the Midwest we're in, things were largely planned with car driving in mind over the decades too. Even culturally, in this part of the country more than other places I've lived, car ownership is strongly tied to a person's sense of status as well quite often. Much more than, say, Chicago (to use that example again, because I lived there so long as to really see the contrasts both in people's relationships to transportation and also the ways cities accommodate public transport or don't).

Regionally, public transportation is valued quite differently. I was taking a cheap shot at it ala The Simpsons just for funnies, but that's often the sort of view lifetime drivers have of it here. I have mixed feelings about relying so much on cars, but I am thankful for them every day because to get to the places I need to regularly right now without one would be very difficult or in some cases not even possible. I don't like that fact, but it is what it is.
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Windom URL

Rain Partier

Postby Windom URL » Mon Feb 04, 2013 4:11 pm

Now I have to go shovel snow at two places. :-(

First I'm going to stretch a bit and take a couple ibuprofen, just to be safe.

I had a bit of a tumultuous AM in the shop (long story), and I've been feeling a bit clenched up since. I don't feel so hot, to be honest.
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<( ' . ' )>

Postby Keb » Mon Feb 04, 2013 6:43 pm

After shoveling snow you will have buff muscles ;)
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Windom URL

Rain Partier

Postby Windom URL » Mon Feb 04, 2013 6:51 pm

I like shoveling snow, actually. Not all day or anything, but my shovel is ergonomic and I almost never get cold. Plus I take my older dog with me, he loves it. I did have a couple knots to work out first, though, from holding a tense posture this morning probably.

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