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X-Men #4 (Hot Danger Room Simulation Action Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Wed Aug 21, 2013 1:14 pm

After being really disappointed by the last issue, this one was a big improvement and brought me back into the fold. I still think the concept of an all-female team of X-Men is a little strange, but these are all great characters, and Wood writes them really well. I think my issues with #3 were more to do with the Arkea character than anything else.

This issue is split into two separate stories. The first involves Jubilee and baby Shogo hanging around with Wolverine in California as she reminisces about her past, and wonders if she’s made the right choice in bringing a baby into the mad world of the X-Men. These were fantastic scenes, I know some people don’t like Wolverine’s platonic relationships with teenage girls, but I think they are great, and being a 90s kid, it was Wolverine and Jubilee for me, so I got a twinge of nostalgia seeing them together again. This issue also served as a nice recap and reintroduction of the Jubilee character, who has been gone from the X-Books for far too long. We even got confirmation that she’s still a vampire, which was weird, but necessary I suppose. I loved this whole story, it showed Wolverine at his best, and made Jubilee important again, really good character work from Wood.

The other story involved the rest of Storm’s team trying to save an aeroplane from crashing. It was a fairly simple plan, and it was actually reminiscent of what Bane did at the start of Dark Knight Rises. What was interesting here was the character stuff, like Rachel Grey arguing with Storm about Storm’s willingness to kill Arkea, and seeing how Psylocke is stretching her powers, here, she uses a psychic crossbow, which is pretty great. I also enjoyed Rogue’s attitude in this issue, unlike a lot of others, I have no real problem with how Remender is writing her in Uncanny Avengers, but it was good to see her having fun here, she’s been so emo in that book, and she’s pretty emo already.

David Lopez’s artwork was solid here, he’s not as good as Coipel, but few people are, and he drew everything very well, and since this issue was very talky, his facial expressions were very important, and very good, Psylocke’s eye-roll in particular.

This was a nice, cool-down issue in between the opening arc and ‘Battle For The Atom’ and it turned me around on this book, Wood does have a handle on these characters and I’m excited to see where he goes.

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