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X-Men #2 (Stop talking like such a freak! Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Jun 27, 2013 12:34 pm

Will all of the people who praised this book for being all-female turn on it with this issue because the decidedly male Beast had a large role in the story? I hope not, because I thought this was a big improvement over #1 and a very enjoyable comic. I think what’s most interesting to me is that this is an X-Men book that feels like it could have happened during any era, it’s not concerned with the Schism between Cyclops and everyone else, it’s decidedly old-school and action-focused. This is not the X-Men book for debates about mutant identity, it’s the X-Men book where Rogue and Shadowcat kick some ass and the X-Men get into crazy action scenes.

This issue was basically one big fight between Arkea, who is inside the body of Prime Sentinel, and the X-Men. It was a lot of fun, first Rogue comes in all guns blazing and stuff explodes, and then Shadowcat has a more nuanced approach. I liked how Wood had Kitty not be able to kill Prime Sentinel. Shadowcat is one of those characters who shouldn’t be a killer, especially what with all the arguments about Man Of Steel still raging across the net. In the end, Arkea escapes, and the X-Men decide to go after, including Jubilee and her baby. I’m still suspicious of Baby Shogo, Sublime says he’s now a new, blank person, but can we trust him? I wouldn’t be surprised if, after Arkea is defeated, Wood reveals that Sublime is the real villain.

The art from Coipel was brilliant as usual, this book is worth reading just for him and his insane panel layouts. The fact that he needed 3 inkers here is a little annoying, some pages looked very different.

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