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Mighty Thor #15 (HAIL SATAN! Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat Jun 16, 2012 9:28 am

So that’s what the Goth Kid was for! After complaining last month about how Fraction had too many subplots going on independently of each other, he remedies that here by bringing Jeff Fischer into the dream world and tying things together in a nice, satanic bow. The fight between Thor and Zombie Odin was the main feature of this issue, and it was damn cool, Thor was really pissed, and it’s always fun to see the Thunder God cut loose. The way Jeff came in and the shocking reveal of ‘The Deconsecrator’ was a lot of fun. Some of Fraction’s best Thor stories (I’m thinking here of Ages Of Thunder) has a very heavy metal feel to them, and it’s interesting to see that brought to the fore. Pepe Larraz’s art was good once again, if we can’t have Pasqual Ferry, he’s a damn good replacement. Unfortunately, there was another subplot that’s still a bit too separate here, which is Don Blake’s ill-fated attempt to become a God. I’m guessing we’ll get to see this weird looking Tree-Dude fight Thor (or maybe even The Deconsecrator) soon though.

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