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New Avengers #28 (You always smell good Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat Jul 14, 2012 11:26 am

A very fun issue showing just how the X-Men are treating their prisoners. We think we’re following a successful escape attempt from the X-Brig by Spider-Woman, Hawkeye and Luke Cage, and just when we think they’ve done it… we’re yanked back to the real prison and shown that it’s all a simulation from Danger. It’s a great twist and one that makes a lot of sense considering who the X-Men’s prison officer is. I do wonder about whether this level of mental torture is a step too far towards villainy from the X-Men. Up until now I had thought that AvX was doing a good job at showing that both sides have a legitimate point, but something like this is a trick you’d expect from Doctor Doom, not Cyclops. But we’ll see, maybe another issue will show that the Avengers are being just as dickish to their prisoners, this is a War after all. I did like that, even though this was a simulation, Bendis gave us some fun character stuff, like continuing to develop Hawkeye and Spider-Woman’s relationship and even little bits like Spider-Woman’s surprise that Luke Cage can grow hair through his unbreakable skin.

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