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New Comic 'Saltire' Claims to Feature First Scottish Superhero

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:19 pm

New Comic 'Saltire' Claims to Feature First Scottish Superhero

The Outhouse sits down for a comprehensive interview with someone from the Saltire team whose name we forget to ask for.

The Outhouse is a great place to promote your independent, crowd-funded, or self-published comic book, provided you can get past our openly hostile forum community and relentless supply of snark. So, when someone from Diamondsteel comicsm creators of Saltire, a new comic book that claims to feature the "first Scottish superhero," showed up on our forums and didn't run away screaming, we knew they had what it takes to get a write up on The Outhouse.

But first, we had to break through the language barrier. Luckily, Ol' Jude Terror speaks a little bit of Scottish, so I sat down with our guest for a short interview:


Th' foremaist scots superhero? Pure? Thare haven't bin ony ithers? Ever? Ye ken comic nerds wull point it oot if ye'r lying.

It's been a talking point already. The Fantastic Four had a non recurring female character called Caledonia who was around in the nineteen seventies. The reason he is referred to as Scotland's first superhero is because he is created in prehistory.

How did ye guide tae scoop Marc Millar oan this? That mon is slacking.

Both Mark Millar and Grant Morrison have spoken about a Scottish superhero for about a decade now but have never realised the idea. They are both friendly with our artistic director Phil Vaughan.

In th' photie, Saltire appears tae be nude. Is this an erotic comic?

No,it's not erotic at all. There's a cod piece covering his unmentionables. The only thing thats blue about this is the colour of his skin.

What kind o' unique challenges does a scots superhero coupon that, say, a British or American yin doesn't?

Scottish mythology and history is totally different than the rest of the UK. Scottish people are very proud of this but it's not well known because of the London centred UK media. Saltire takes place throughout the history of Scotland and into the future, a future where Scotland may be an independent country.

The Welsh. Whit a bunch o' dicks, am ah right?

I only know one Welsh person and funnily enough his name is Richard. :)

Will this be distributed in th' US? Howfur wull fowk be able tae buy it?

We'll be creating a sizable initial print run which is for international distribution using our own independent Diamondsteel Comics. We also have significant interest from larger international publishers at the moment.

Will th' comic taste better if allowed tae age fur 12 years in an oak barrel?

Everything does.

You neuk a bunch o' comic readers in an elevator. They're scared o' ye fur ye'v git a muckle great, rid fluff 'n' ye'r sportin' a plaid skirt. Ye hae 30 seconds tae convince thaim tae buy Saltire. Whit dae ye say?

Have you ever wished a superheroic immortal being from the end of the world would turn up in a world of Braveheart meets 300 and go head to head with a variety of empires, invaders and mythological super villains all based on the real history of a certain country. No?! Well that's a knife i keep in my sock and i'm not wearing any pants, your move!

Bagpipes. Whit th' fuck?

Outlawed during the Scottish wars of independence, we like to play the god awful things loudly to distract people from our ginger hair.

Anything else fowk shuid ken aboot saltire? 

The first book is called "Saltire - Invasion" and is the first in a series of full colour graphic novels. Saltire is a dark and gritty superhero, far from the comical stereotypes of scottish characters of the recent past.

Cheers for the Q and A. Here's an image thats a bit less Playgirl cover shot.


Man, it as tough to understand his accent, wasn't it?

More information on the book will be coming this month, and Saltire: Invasion is set to come out in October. We'll keep you updated! Until then, follow Saltire on Facebook here.

Written or Contributed by Jude Terror

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Supersoldier Washout

WTF is this rank?

Postby Supersoldier Washout » Wed Sep 04, 2013 2:41 pm

I'm gonna go watch "Trainspotting".
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Postby Psivage » Wed Sep 04, 2013 4:31 pm

Wait, so he isn't Scotland first superhero. He is just saying that because it is set in prehistory.

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