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GL: New Guardians #23 (All will not be well Spoilers)

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Staff Writer

Postby Punchy » Thu Aug 22, 2013 1:29 pm

Man, the Blue Lanterns have it rough don’t they? First Odym gets destroyed by those Blue Beetle dudes, and now their new planet gets nuked by Relic. They, not the Red Lanterns, are ironically the Redshirts of the Green Lantern universe, which is kind of sad, especially because this issue killed off that awesome Elephant guy.

This issue opens with the Blue Lantern pokemon, Andara, fleeing from it’s Lantern, and then Relic showing up to take down the Blues. The fight between our heroes and Relic was pretty interesting, because it was so one-sided, Relic was so much more powerful than even White Lantern Kyle. I’m finding Relic to be an interesting villain, especially as the little snippets about him come out into the open, the fact that he’s doing this for a ‘love for everything’ is intriguing, and the conversation between him and one of the Guardians inside his brain was tantalising as well. It looks like he’s a survivor from the Universe that existed before this one (OMG! He’s Wally West!), one that was destroyed by people who wielded the emotional light, and he wants revenge. I know we’re all hating on Villain’s Month, but I’m actually kind of excited for his issue and to find out what his deal really is.

This issue ends in a pretty shocking way, Kyle, Carol and Saint Walker escape to Oa, but Relic basically destroys the rest of the Blue Lanterns, and the last page is a surprisingly graphic depiction of their skeletons. It was hardcore, and very well-drawn by Brad Walker. I’m really enjoying Walker’s artwork on this book, he’s very underrated I think, I particularly enjoyed his issues of Superman with Kurt Busiek, and here, he’s reaching new heights. I mean, he’s not experimenting like an Aja or JH Williams, but this is some of the best looking old-school superhero art out there. There’s a reason he pinch-hit on Morrison’s Action Comics.

Justin Jordan’s writing is also solid, but I kind of feel he’s suffering from jumping right into crossover mode, I don’t think we’ve gotten a true sense of his style and personality, but still, this is an enjoyable book, and things are definitely happening in it. This is no ancillary title, if you’re following Hal’s book, you need to check out the Alley Rat’s book too.
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Motherfucker from Hell

Postby Glacier16 » Thu Aug 22, 2013 1:34 pm

Punchy wrote: the Blue Lantern pokemon, Andara


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