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GL: New Guardians #29 (Flying Supermodel Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Mar 21, 2014 1:09 pm

Another intriguing issue of New Guardians, and one that goes some way to allaying my fears that this story was just ripping off Jason Aaron’s Thor, as these God-Killers have a much more personal relationship with X’Hal.

Justin Jordan begins with Kaland’r telling us her and her religion’s origins. X’Hal was the goddess of Tamarand. She left, and whilst many people stayed, other’s followed her out into the Galaxy. Kaland’r lived on one of the planets that these Tamarandians colonised, but it was in a bad way, war-torn and fucked, until X’Hal returned to save everyone and restore Kaland’r’s faith. In the present day, Kyle and Carol try and stop X’Hal, but she’s too powerful for them, and in any case, should they really be trying to stop her? She certainly seems reasonable, and is actually quite pleased that Kyle refers to kneel before her.

I found the discussion between X’Hal, Kyle, Carol and the Guardians about the nature of Godhood very interesting indeed. The Guardians may deny that they are Gods, but they actually kind of are, given that they are immortal beings that have shaped the Universe. Kyle agrees to let X’Hal work her magic on this world if Kaland’r can prove it’s all for the best, so they fly off together to see the changes happening to the planet, and it all seems good, but of course, trouble is coming, as the God-Killers attack.

The lead God-Killer explains the reason why he’s after X’Hal, and it’s a pretty good one. He reveals some interesting truths about X’Hal, how she was mortal before being experimented on by ‘Makers’ who made her into a God, and that, after leaving Tamarand, she eventually returned and destroyed it completely. Her new attempts to save planets are just an attempt to make up for destroying her homeworld basically. This God-Killers are Tamarandians out for revenge, and they get it, as the issue ends with them stabbing X’Hal.

With all of the other Green Lantern books embroiled in another crossover, it’s good to have this book off doing it’s own thing, and Jordan is doing a great job at combining superhero action with headier stuff about what Gods should mean. With X’Hal presumably dead, it’s going to be fascinating to see what happens next.

Brad Walker’s art was excellent, I really think he is one of the most underrated artists working today, every panel looks good, even when he’s asked to do really weird stuff, and he’s one of the few artists that can make Kyle Rayner and Carol Ferris’ goofy-ass masks look half-way decent.

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