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Punisher #11 (He just shot him dead? Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri May 11, 2012 1:44 pm

This was probably my favourite issue of Rucka’s Punisher yet, in that it was possibly the perfect melding of the twin worlds of the relatively realistic Punisher, and the bat-shit insanity of the Marvel Universe. Told through flashback, Detective Bolt reveals how he’s been working with the Punisher, and that their latest meet was interrupted by… Zombies. Frank goes to town on the Zombies and it was just brilliant to see him not even bat an eye-lid and just kill them as if they were any other bad guy. I know Frank was only very recently undead himself, but that’s kind of been swept under the rug. I just loved it when he killed Black Talon, no questions asked. I also found it interesting to see how Rucka showed us how the NYPD reacted to these events, how even firing a fun at a Zombie requires a full report, like I said, the real world rubbing up against the Marvel world. In many ways this issue was the most Gotham Central-esque one so far, which is high praise indeed. So while this was a bit of a detour from the main story with Rachel Cole-Alves and The Exchange and all that, it was still excellent. Good to see Carlie Cooper show up too, I love the little connections to other Marvel books here, if you hadn’t read any Spider-Man you’d have no idea who she was, so it didn’t intrude, but if you have, it really enhances things. But how come she was on a date with Bolt anyway? Haven’t we seen that he’s married? Carlie doesn’t seem like the kind of person who’d date a married man. Unless I’m misremembering and the family we saw him with was his brother’s or something.

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