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Punisher #10 (Objection to cake Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:25 pm

The Omega Effect continues, and this issue shows us the Punisher’s plan, which is pretty damn simple, hit the streets and take out members of each Megacrime partner, leaving a message for them all to gather in one place where Daredevil will destroy the Omega Drive for all to see. But it’s more complicated than that, Spider-Man knows that Frank wants the drive for himself, and spends most of the issue putting himself in between Frank and DD. But he was focused on the wrong Punisher! He should have been looking at Rachel Cole-Alves. At least I think he should have been, unless I mis-read the last few pages, Rachel shot Daredevil to take the Drive. It wasn’t terribly clear. That last page was explosive, I can’t wait for the final part. As well as the cataclysmic events at Grand Central Station, this issue also featured some really great smaller scenes, such as Daredevil delivering a baby, which kind of seemed out of place, but it was cool how Spider-Man and Daredevil’s dialogue reflected what was going on with Frank and Rachel, with her being given her own Punisher outfit. I also liked that Rucka fit in some pretty funny Spider-Man dialogue, this book has been so terse and often dialogue free that Spidey’s free-wheeling banter is refreshing to see, and using Frank Castle as his straight man was great. Marco Checchetto’s art was very strong once again (apart from the aforementioned last page confusion), I’m relishing the triple-serving of him this month.

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