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Review: Deadpool #8

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Postby LOLtron » Fri Apr 26, 2013 4:01 pm

Review: Deadpool #8

A slow start to a new arc for Deadpool.

This month’s Deadpool starts a brand new arc centering around the now dead SHEILD agent Preston being trapped inside the mind of Wade Wilson. In trying to find a way to get agent Preston out of his head, Deadpool runs into his old friend Vetis.

If you didn’t catch the previous issue of Deadpool, Vetis is a demon working for the devil who Deadpool double-crossed. Vetis returns to Earth to get even with Wade by offering him a deal: "kill some people for me or your wizard friend Michael (necromancer/former shield agent) dies."

Michael may have summoned the presidents of America from the dead, but he may be the only shot to remove agent Preston from Deadpool’s head. After knocking off one the names on Vetis’ list, Deadpool is drugged and then has his kidney stolen. I am not sure what that has to do with the list from Vetis, but it certainly was unexpected.

Like most Deadpool books, there is a lot of funny one liners, but, overall, I think this issue was mediocre at best. For this being the set-up issue for a new arc, I wasn’t really blown away with it. The ending was out of left field, and until it is known why someone would steal his kidney, I’m not changing my stance on the book.  I have enjoyed this series overall but this issue was a bust. 

Written or Contributed by Jim Gramm


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