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Review for The Immortal Iron Fist #3

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Sat Mar 03, 2007 10:43 pm

Title: The Immortal Iron Fist #3Writers: Matt Fraction and Ed BrubakerPencilers: David Aja Travel Foreman/Derek Fridolfs(1-4) and Russ Heath(12-13)Publisher: MarvelReviewed by John Lewis and Tony MourlotJohn Lewis: SPOILERS for late fuckers!!! In this issue, crazy Chinese dude beats the crap out of the British, Chinese/ Hydra guys do bad little boy things, and Danny Rand [...]
Image Title: The Immortal Iron Fist #3
Writers: Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker
Pencilers: David Aja Travel Foreman/Derek Fridolfs(1-4) and Russ Heath(12-13)
Publisher: Marvel
Reviewed by John Lewis and Tony Mourlot

John Lewis: S
S for late fuckers!!! In this issue, crazy Chinese dude beats the crap out of the British, Chinese/ Hydra guys do bad little boy things, and Danny Rand tries to hunt down Orson Rand but gets hunted instead. By hooker-bots. Okay, that last piece was false (wicked awesome dream). I thought this issue was really good. I think the Chinese Hydra dude, Davos, is pretty evil yet dead sexy (like Marie Antonette’s corpse) and Orson seems to be a pretty interesting chap too.

Tony Mourlot: Hooker-bots would be cool. I’m really liking the series and this issue was great. Davos is a good villain who is ruthless. I really like that about him. Orson is a good character and I’m anxious to see how he’s using the power of the Iron Fist at the same time Danny is. I really like the flashback scenes. Learning the back story of the previous Iron Fists has been a good edition to the mythos. The book has a good mix of characterization and action. Another great effort from Fraction and Brubaker.

John the Underwear Model: Anyways, what do you think of the art?

Tony “Stacks High School Girls for a Living” Mourlet: SWEET CHRISTMAS!!! The art is great. Aja’s style fits the book well. I like the grittiness for a book like this. How do you feel about the art?

John “I Peed in My Pants Once and Put Them Back on the Sales Rack” Lewis: I think it’s great. I think my only problem is that I wished it was Aja doing all the work as it’s pretty diverse.

Ony-Tay Ourlot- May: Yeah, the flashbacks being done by a different artist is a bit of a distraction. I’d rather see Aja do all of it like you said.

John Lewis a.k.a. Sex-Bot K9: One thing I also really like about this book is Fraction and Brubaker together. I think Bru’s a bit too safe and not weird while sometimes Fraction goes into the territory of being weird with no point but Iron Fist is a perfect mixture.

Tony “Officer, Do These Diapers Make My Ass Look Huge?” Mourlot: I think you can feel both writer’s influence on the book. I think they work well together. Fraction’s off beat writing goes good with Bru’s gritty style. I agree with you that it’s a perfect mixture. I’d like to see them work together on another title.

John “Blewed Himself Too” Lewis: Me too. Howabout Howard the Duck? I think they would be perfect (maybe throw in Ellis for kicks too).

Tony Mourlot a.k.a. John Lewis’ stunt man: That would work. I think they’d be great on Deadpool as well. I’m always up for Ellis. The three of them could write some great stuff.

John “Lea Thompson in Drag” Lewis: And me as a writer tooI’ll dress up for them as Howard.

Tony “I Wish I Pull off Looking Like Howard the Duck” Mourlot: I want pictures of that to post on the site. That way we can all point and laugh at you.

ImageJohn “Owner of www.mourlettingtony.com” Lewis: At least I get to write Deadpool, motherfucker!!! You fuckers can laugh all you want…

Tony “Bats for PETA” Mourlot: DAMMIT!!! I didn’t think of it that way.

John “Pees into Tablets of Prozac” Lewis: No one ever does.

*Johnny Quest theme song starts playing*

John Lewis a.k.a. What? This guy again? Fuck this loser!: Actually, screw that. Quest is stupid.

*Get Smart theme song starts playing*

Tony “Orestolo il Papero” Mourlot: Yeah…I didn’t like Quest. Get Smart is better.

John Lewis a.k.a. Does Anything for Free: Damn right. Maybe Marvel could do a Get Smart series. I’ll write it for free, Marvel.

Tony “Brazilian Wax On, Brazilian Wax Off” Mourlot: Fraction and Bru on Get Smart would be kick ass

John “Humps Flu Particles” Lewis: They would kick your ass too.

Tony “Sniffs Keb’s Panties” Mourlot: Probably. But to see that series it would be worth it.

John “Can Count to Indigo” Lewis: We should start a fundraiser or soemthing for it to happen.

Tony “Boom! Blowjob!” Mourlot: I can put in $.63 right now. We should pitch it to Marvel.


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Posted originally: 2007-03-04 02:43:56

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