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Review Group Week 168 - PHONOGRAM: THE SINGLES CLUB #2

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Postby thefourthman » Wed May 06, 2009 9:28 pm

thefourthman wrote:So um... yeah, I just wrote my review. This was the first issue of the series that I would call bad. It just doesn't work, love the series, not in love with tis issue.

Will link when live...

Story 3
Art 10
Overall 5 (the art don't save it enough for an average)

Read the whole thing at
http://www.brokenfrontier.com/reviews/p ... les-club-2
an excerpt:
The first volume of the book, Rue Britannia, worked this way. Through its hate him so much you love him protagonist Dave Kohl, you got to see a seedy underside of music. A place where the memories that are bound to that song from your youth can effect change in the world. It was a place where that song that you would die if you never heard it again, might actually hold the power to kill you. Through its long narrative, the reader was drawn into the world. The magic was teased at until you accepted its world and then when it had its hook in you, you would follow anywhere it lead you. In that way, Phonogram worked like its darker cousin, Hellblazer. No matter how fantastic or absurd, you felt that what was happening to Constantine was earnest, if not all together honest. Kohl functioned on the same plane, he just defended the English Empire through his knowledge of music.

Singles Club works on a different angle. It is short stories that intertwine with each other. They appear thus far to be happening in the same dance club. The songs take the characters on a similar journey but the wonder of the build up is not there. This alienates this current volume with its more new reader friendly style from actually being new reader friendly. If one has not read the previous volume, it just seems like a mess of randomness that is not explained. Certainly if you read the back cover or the two shorts after the main story, you might grasp a magical element. However, if not, a new reader might just think this is an odd dream sequence and unfortunately it would be a valid reading. It is sort of a magical dream brought on by a powerful wielder of the weapon most used in the series.

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