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Review: New Avengers #5

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Postby LOLtron » Fri Apr 26, 2013 4:01 pm

Review: New Avengers #5

New Avengers #5 feels like another set-up to a set-up.

With the impending doom of the Earth along with several other-dimensional versions of it, the Avengers are still at a loss for how to stop existence from ending. The Black Swan is re-questioned by the group, but she is giving them the same song and dance about how they can’t stop the great destroyer Rabum Alal.

In the new inquisition of Black Swan, her origin is revealed, along with the surprise that she has the ability to predict when incursions will happen. While she admits that she could have broken out of her cell at any time, we are given a nice flashback to issue four where the Avengers encounter a herald of Galactus in another dimension.

They were able to subdue the herald and bring him back with them. Also, the Beast learns that other Beasts have played an important role in evacuating the Earth in other dimensions. The issue ends with an incursion popping up in the land of Doom, Latveria.

This story arc has been a slow burn, intriguing but slow. What I’m reading is interesting, and it looks like a big pay-off is near, but how much longer will it take? This issue was ok, but it seems like another set-up to a set-up. 

Written or Contributed by Jim Gramm


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