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Review: Star Wars Rebel Heist #1

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Postby LOLtron » Tue Apr 29, 2014 4:47 pm

Review: Star Wars Rebel Heist #1

Han Solo takes a new recruit on the ride of his life in Matt Kindt's new Star Wars series.

Source: Star Wars: Rebel Heist #1

Star Wars: Rebel Heist marks one of the last Star Wars books that Dark Horse will be publishing and if the first issue is any indication of the rest of the series, they’ll be going out with a bang. Written by Matt Kindt with art by Marco Castiello and Dan Parsons, Rebel Heist is a fresh new take on the Star Wars mythos. The series focuses on the heroes of the Battle of Yavin, Han, Luke, Leia, and Chewy but the stories are told through the eyes of a new rebel recruit.  This unique perspective allows us to see the heroes of the rebellion as the legends they have grown to be in both the Star Wars universe and in our own world as well. The first issue starts off with us following the exploits of possibly the most interesting man in the rebellion; Han Solo. 
The story opens with a rebel recruit who is obviously on his first mission, and not one of the grizzled veterans we’ve come to expect from the Rebellion. As our new recruit approaches where he is meeting his contact, his cover gets blown and he is rescued by none other than Han Solo. The following spread page where we see Han for the first time is one of the most perfect moments in the whole issue. It sums up everything that we love about Han Solo in one page. Here is this guy who is a legend after helping blow up the death star, acting completely aloof and confident all the while carefully calculating what to do next. As Han and the recruit escape the bar and continue on their mission, we see just why Han is the larger than life character he is. He grabs a nearby speeder and without a second thought flies high into the city line, losing their tail. As Han flies them right into the Empire’s arms, the recruit loses faith in not only Han, but the Rebellion itself.
Rebel Heist is an excellent entry into the Star wars mythology. The art by Castiello and Parsons is excellent as well; bringing to life the Star Wars characters we know and love. Rebel Heist is an all-around excellent read that reminds us just why the characters of Star Wars has endured for so long.

Written or Contributed by Jimmy Gillespie


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