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Review: Thor God of Thunder #8

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Thu May 09, 2013 3:16 pm

Review: Thor God of Thunder #8

More Thor equals better issue.

The “God Bomb” part two continues to show present Thor with old Thor on their way to fight Gorr on his home turf. On Gorr's planet, young Thor ends up meeting his future grand children, who are also enslaved by the god butcher.

Not one to be happy with being enslaved, the young thunder god presses his future kin into trying to stop Gorr's god bomb from getting finished. While coming up with a plan, the Odinson offspring give young Thor a make shift bomb to stop Gorr's. Without even thinking, Thor takes off with the bomb before the other slaves can agree what to do with it.

The bomb is hurled by Thor into the god bomb, which sadly doesn't even put a dent in it. A blast does ensue from young Thor's which as a result, blasts him off of Gorr's planet. Young Thor is now in space where he just happens to be seen and brought on board with the other Thors', who are now ready to battle.

Issue eight is a nice rebound from the past two issues, where the origin of Gorr is told in issue six with seven being a set-up as "God Bomb" part one. Those issues were a little bland and didn't really grab me like others in this series. The main reason this book did is because there was more Thor in the story, in fact all three Thors' have a good amount of page time compared to books six and seven. This run by Jason Aaron has been very underrated and is for sure one of the best continuing series for Marvel Now. 

Written or Contributed by Jim Gramm


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