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Rocketeer Adventures 2 #1 (Up to the skies! Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:01 am

IDW bring back Dave Stevens’ iconic hero for another anthology series that on the basis of this issue, looks set to be just as great a tribute as the first one. They really are bringing out the big guns and giving us some fantastic art to look at, and a lot of variety too. The first story comes from Marc Guggenheim and Sandy Plunkett, and while the story is a little trite, the artwork was fantastic in how it emulated Stevens’ style. Peter David and Bill Sienkiewicz then contribute an absolutely spot-on Looney Tunes parody as Daffy Duck becomes ‘The Ducketeer’ in a story that’s basically Duck Dodgers. PAD’s jokes were very accurate to what you would get in a real Looney Tunes, and whilst Sienkiewicz’s art is not as clean as a real cartoon, it worked really well. The final story was written and drawn by Stan Sakai, and it was a cool, subtle semi-team-up between the Rocketeer and Superman. I didn’t catch the link at first, but at the end it was really quite sweet. Add in an awesome pin-up from Art Adams (including a dinosaur and Betty in a bikini) and a brilliant cover by Darwyn Cooke that brings to mind WW2 propaganda posters, this was a fantastic package and as I said, a great tribute to a fantastic creator and his character. I’m a little iffy on the idea of new full-length stories, even if they are from Mark Waid, this anthology is all you really need I think.

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